All our products are highly durable and machine washable on a b basic wash cycle. Through our experience in the dog accessories business we have begun to realise that correct care of your dogs collars is limited. The average dog collar we see is FILTHY, yet very rarely washed, think of all bacteria in there, yuck!


Here we shall explain the simple cleaning process we go through to ensure our collars are kept colourful, clean and strong. 

Using either the hessian bag provided with your collar, or perhaps a towel/general wash bundle place your Collar/Lead/Harness in the machine with XXXXXX on a 30 degree wash. 

Remove from the wash and either leave to dry on a rack or place in the tumble drier, again in among other materials to prevent any banging from the buckle. 

We recomend doing this XXXX to ensure your Stella Accessories dog product remains as colourful, clean and strong as it did when it left our studio!

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